The unique custom printed products offered at Eagle Printing are done entirely on our premises in Chicago, Illinois. This factor, together with the wide variety of printing products & custom printing services available, will further insure complete control of quality and lead-time, saving you precious hours & the cost incurred in moving a job from “house-to-house!” It makes perfect sense for Eagle Printing to provide your custom printing products and services in a “one stop shop” from “conception to completion.”

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Pre-Press Services

Before a future product goes to press, a certain amount of prep work is required. This “prepping” is handled in Eagle Printing’s pre-press department, combining the latest in computer technology with many years of experience, working together to print what you envision. Our pre-press services include typesetting, digital scanning, proofing, plate making and data archiving. Eagle Printing can convert your digital files, positives, negatives and/or camera-ready art to plates ready for press. We are Macintosh based format using the industry’s top software including Quark X-Press, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat which we constantly update to remain compatible to your needs. Proofing options include dylox, digital pdf’s and laser. For more technical information or questions, please contact our pre-press department (773-252-0700).







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