The unique custom printed products offered at Eagle Printing are done entirely on our premises in Chicago, Illinois. This factor, together with the wide variety of printing products & custom printing services available, will further insure complete control of quality and lead-time, saving you precious hours & the cost incurred in moving a job from “house-to-house!” It makes perfect sense for Eagle Printing to provide your custom printing products and services in a “one stop shop” from “conception to completion.”

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The creation of a three-dimensional design or image on stock or paper is known as “embossing”. Heat and pressure combine to reshape the surface of the paper to create the image. There are several different styles of embossing:
1. Single level
2. Multi-level
3. Beveled
4. Sculptured.
Embossing may also be done “blind” (with just the color of the stock showing through) or “register” (combining with ink of foil for special effects).

In Debossing, the image is pressed “into” the paper, creating depressions rather than raised impressions such as embossing. Debossing can also be used “blind” or used with foil & inks. Both of these processes are especially suited for
business cards,
memo pads,
pocket folders.
Corporate logos and monograms look “extra rich” when embossed.


         Embossed and two-color business card
                       Embossed invitation
















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